Global Trade Services

As Kayel Group, our foreign trade services are divided into three parts.

Trade Consultancy Services:
a. Carrying out research and intermediation activities for Customs Clearance & Logistics & Price compliance and other business follow-ups, and to carry out activities to prevent sales cancellation as a result of incompatibilities between the seller and the buyer.
b. Product supply at a more affordable price or urgent product supplies as a result of force majeure

Research and Planning Services:
a. Market entry services such as market research of your products, controls of your company, pricing strategy
b. Business and transactions and potential buyer researches required for your products to enter your target market

Turnkey Export Services:
a. We can provide the management of all processes in the marketing and delivery phase of your products.
b. In this way, while you only focus on the production of the products, we complete your overseas sales with our opportunities such as overseas marketing, sales, distributorship management and dealership system.

As Kayel Group, these services that we can provide to you are made specifically for your company, so pricing is made according to the service details you request.

To make official requests, please download the file below and send it to the e-mail address of with corporate stamp and signature.

We present a GOLD membership package on the B2Bportal to all our customers who benefit from our foreign trade services. In this way, you will have the chance to deliver the promotions of your products and your company to new customers FREE OF CHARGE.

Trade Consultancy Services

We provide foreign trade consultancy services for you to open your products to the foreign market. We support you in all the processes required for your company to start operating in the field of export, anticipate the problems you will encounter and help you to realize your export perfectly.

How the Process Works?

First of all, we have a request form where we can get basic information about your product and company, as well as other issues. By filling out this form, we prepare a price offer according to the services that are suitable for your purpose. After the acceptance of this price offer, we work with our entire team to prepare contracts and start working quickly to include your products in the markets you are interested in. The report collected by our team in the following transactions will be evaluated separately and will be finalized and delivered to your customer representative who is knowledgeable about your company and products and will determine your roadmap. Your customer representative will assist you in all the services we provide after this organization.

How is workflow planned?

Detailed reports of the services delivered to you by evaluating their suitability in our proposal from these workflows will be carried out by our team and collected under a single report. By combining these reports, your customer representative will stay in constant contact with you during the realization of the services offered in our offer, having detailed information about your company and your products. This report will also be forwarded to you.

Our standard services offers:
a. Checks will be made whether your company is ready to enter the relevant market.
b. Market share controls will be carried out by analyzing your products and your company.
c. The price that your product can hold in the market you are trying to enter will be determined by price research.
d. A special contract will be prepared for all works and transactions.

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