Customer Satisfaction Policy

As TRadeGross,

By diversifying the channels through which our customers can communicate with us, we try to communicate effectively through every channel. Our customers can forward their requests, complaints and suggestions to us at any time through any channel they want.

We handle the requests, complaints and suggestions of our customers within the principles of openness, accessibility, integrity and sensitivity, adhering to the principle of "Confidentiality of customer information". We regularly review the systems used in the customer demands and complaint management process in order to prevent the recurrence of complaints, to identify areas that are open to improvement and to increase efficiency, we report the activities and carry out quality, efficient and innovative studies.

We can also deal with the support channels to be given to our customers effectively, on the record and with our business partners. In this way, in accordance with our principle of "Think Globally, Act Locally", the managers in your location will primarily communicate with you.

Starting from the orientation process to our employees and business partners, we provide training on business ethics, business ethics and customer satisfaction, and we integrate customer satisfaction into our quality system so that these trainings are more efficient.

We do not push our customers for any content included in success stories, we do not offer any rewards. We undertake that the contents on this page have been created entirely at their own request.

We are very happy that our customers keep us informed of the new customers they have acquired using our site and the new sales they have made. For the continuation of your success, we will continue to support our site both by improving the infrastructure and by advertising.

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