About us

The international import and export sector, which has increased during the Covid-19 pandemic, which has greatly affected the world, has caused the importance of e-commerce and the necessity of innovation to be emphasized again in recent years. Founded by Kayel Group in 2020, "TRadeGross" takes international trade and global transportation one step further with innovative systems and future-proof planning options.

TRadeGross brings together manufacturers, suppliers and consumers from all over the world. Bringing together the suppliers and potential buyers in the country in need without a commission system, TRadeGross enables you to easily reach your customers, get the right offers from the right buyer, and complete the import transactions easily with its members-specific network and premium systems.

By synchronizing the global export and import industry with high-end information systems, we offer an enhanced and streamlined trading experience. We provide the opportunity to easily reach commercial connections and potential commercial agreements from every continent and communicate directly with the manufacturers.

You can create demands for the products or raw materials you need, respond to the created demands as a manufacturer or supplier, create your own commercial network and easily take your business to the next level in international transportation.

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