Franchise Application

TRadeGross has started franchise pre-applications.

TRadeGross, whose whole activity is to bring together manufacturers and customers around the world without any intermediaries or brokers, earns its income from membership packages.

With the smallest package of $199 and the largest package of $999, TRadeGross stands out among its competitors in terms of price. In the TRadeGross family, whose market is the whole world, with young and dynamic employees, it can reach all the end points of the global market; Being a part of sustainable development, To gain profit with a corporate structure with high profitability rates, To have a say in the sector in foreign trade with a strong brand image, To be an important part of the franchise network.

The processes and methods to be followed by franchise candidates are listed below.

Common features we look for in all franchise candidates, regardless of which country they will operate in. To have an entrepreneurial spirit and the will to succeed, to be successful in past business experiences, to have the financial resources to meet the investment required for TRadeGross, to have honest and qualified working conditions.

Franchise Application Process

The franchise pre-application form is filled by the candidate, and its wet signed and stamped form is scanned and sent to via a Corporate E-Mail in PDF format.

Based on the form evaluated by TRadeGross, the first interview is held with the candidate. (Due to the pandemic, this meeting can be held online.)

If any, the candidate location is visited and a feasibility study is carried out. Recruitment and training of personnel is managed by TRadeGross, if the candidate and candidate location are suitable.

In the process until the start of the activity, every stage is supported, controlled and all necessary guidance is given by the TRadeGross operation team.

Franchise Decision Process

All of our candidates are tested temporarily (3 months) and activated on the TRadeGross Franchise Portal, where they can use all their training and training materials and advertising / promotion modules.

After the 3-month period, a contract is signed with the companies that have become a finalized franchise, and the right to become a Franchise is earned for 1-3 years according to their performance in the 3-month period.

Within a 3-month period, a period of 1 month may be allowed for non-compliance with TRadeGross standards and for solving the problems arising from the failure of the promised resource, personnel, and work.

When all conditions are met, your certificate is prepared and sent to you.

Franchise Working Process

With a powerful portal we offer to all our Franchisees, there are trainings, promotional materials, earnings status screen, settlement panel and Calendar where you can follow your daily work.

You can keep your work and transactions under control in a clear way through this panel.

Affiliate Disclosure

TRadeGross connects customers and potential customers coming from the affiliate market to the Franchise if they are in the region that is affiliated with the Franchise. This means that the franchise can reach new customers or potential customers out of its own effort.

(Revenue from customers and potential customers coming through affiliate marketing is divided between affiliate and franchise.)

Advertising and Promotion Information

TRadeGross continuously carries out advertisements and promotional activities on a global basis in order to support its franchises.

The main purpose of these advertisements is to increase brand awareness and strengthen the company profile. Our full-time advertising, marketing and campaign specialists; They will be in constant contact with you with the "Think Globally, Act Locally" classic.

They will also respond quickly and effectively to your questions for local advertisements you intend to do.

You can download TRadeGross Franchise Application Form by clicking here.

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