Quality Summit Award

TRadeGross was the focus of the Quality Summit on March 15, World Consumer Rights Day.

Elena SARIKAYA, the owner of Kayel Group Company, which was established in 2017, has managed to take stronger steps towards tomorrow with many different projects, unlike companies that were about to close during the pandemic period. The 35th International Consumer Quality Summit, which was organized by Lob'in International and supported by the European Business Club Association and DMW Diplomats Association, accredited to the European Union, in order to raise awareness of consumers in Turkey and around the world and to follow the changes in the economy, brought business, art, politics and the academic world together. At the 16th International European Quality Summit, TRadeGross was awarded the innovative and entrepreneurial awareness award by Lob'in International in London. Increasing its brand awareness day by day with its successes, TRadeGross also made a presentation at the 35th International Consumer Quality Summit. SARIKAYA presented his award as “No success is a coincidence. There is definitely a teamwork behind every success. While receiving this award, I congratulate my team, this award is yours.” She took it with her words.

Founded by Kayel Group in 2020, "TRadeGross" takes international trade one step further with innovative systems and future-oriented planning options. TRadeGross brings together manufacturers, suppliers and consumers from all over the world without any intermediaries. With its entrepreneurial and innovative works by creating awareness, TRadeGross has managed to attract all eyes. Emphasizing that TRadeGross brings together the needy suppliers and potential buyers in the country without a commission system, SARIKAYA stated that the companies can easily reach their customers, get the right offers from the right buyer, and complete their export and import transactions easily with its member-specific network and premium systems. TRadeGross, which started pre-applications for franchising across Turkey in its business model, tracks its applications on the https://www.tradegross.com/page/franchise-application/ page.

The information of each company that is a member of TRadeGross site is checked, and its location and production areas are visited. The fact that the companies within the site are approved and real persons is one of the biggest features that distinguishes TRadeGross. This business model is aimed to be implemented not only on a country basis, but also in cities.

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