Fair events communication

Fair events communication

The fair is a promotional event that takes place on certain dates and at certain time intervals, which aims to develop trade, promotes products and services from every sector that can be subject to trade, improves the trade visited by manufacturers, sub-industry organizations and consumers, and increases the market volume.

The most basic commercial function of fairs is to bring together supply and demand and provide businesses with the opportunity to market their products. However, the commercial functions of the fairs are not limited to this, and many functions that other marketing tools are insufficient to meet can be provided through fairs, especially since they allow direct mutual communication between the buyer and the seller and the design and functions of the product to be examined by the buyer himself.

The main purpose of marketing is to provide long-term profitability to the firm by creating value for the consumer. So, marketing needs to analyze consumer needs first. With the development of technology, the consumer has started to produce more and more data day by day.
Trade fairs naturally have a number of effects in terms of product, price and distribution as well as communication. “While determining the price policies, knowing the customer profile and the scale of the business and the distance of the region and the delivery place are directly important, and the businesses can obtain the necessary information during the negotiations with the customers at the fairs. Participation in the fairs undertakes very important functions in the creation and development of the distribution mix.

Fairs allow for the restructuring of the sales force, the empowerment of sellers and sales representatives, the research of business partners to cooperate in storage and transportation, and the determination of whether changes will be made in terms of quantity and quality in distribution channels.

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