TRadeGross.com is a business marketplace for the mostly Turkish industries that facilitates sourcing and marketing requirements and first-hand information on various aspects of various industry globally.

TRadeGross.com does not sell products. All products on TRadeGross.com are provided by supplier members. We have a wide range of suppliers in 12 industries. You could send inquires to suppliers, or talk with them online. We provide online and offline buyer services for all global buyers, such as qualified supplier matching, verifying suppliers, assisting in online and offline match meetings, and providing secured trading services during trading process.

Basic Registration on TRadeGross is free of cost. Premium membership is a service specially designed for Small and Medium level manufacturers and traders. It gives access to the trade platform of TRadeGross.com along with an array of other benefits that enables members to increase business connections and obtain a global reach.

No, TRadeGross doesn’t work on commission basis. TRadeGross charges fees for membership and promotions, as well as some premium activities performed by members, and does not charge commissions from the sales of your products.

Posting one products is free of cost, when you want to add more than 1 product or add and respond to offers, you can try our other membership packages.

Yes, detailed training documents and online pages have been prepared for the use of the site. Check out our Help page to get them.

When buyers become familiar with a place they shop, they return more. It prevents unnecessary waste of time when your potential customers find the answer without asking some standard details.

You can get in touch with our customer care team on member@tradegross.com to delete your profile on TRadeGross.

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