Importance of Global Marketing

Importance of Global Marketing

Global marketing is a very important concept for brands that produce or sell products and services with global demand and potential. Because global marketing acts as a bridge connecting marketing and globalization. Marketing concept; It is the name given to the potential to analyze the market well, determine what consumers want, and learn how to seize the market with the right pricing. The next step is to produce the products and evaluate the returns by offering these products for sale. The concept of global marketing is of great importance as a part of marketing that includes these processes.

Global marketing includes many different products and opportunities. For this reason, it is not possible to organize products for him based on a single human profile. A global company should develop multiple profiles for each region in its business in different regions. Depending on the product, customers can now be reached almost anywhere in the world. For this purpose, multinational companies cooperate with local distribution networks. While certain companies thrive in certain markets, some companies may set up their own networks. Companies trying to enter the global market often start in densely populated urban centers.

Electronic export companies can reach any target market in the world through online stores. There are dozens of startups, hundreds of organizations and thousands of tools to support this process. What needs to be done carefully in this regard; is to show that products or services suitable for customer profiles and customer profiles in the targeted market are worth buying by people. At this stage, the concept of global marketing comes into play. Thanks to the internet, cross-border e-commerce has become a big part of the global marketing concept.

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